Friday, February 01, 2008

Back to Basic

Have you ever wondered how food were cooked during the early days? Without the modern kitchen equipments we have right now like microwave ovens, turbo broiler, etc., I bet no one can prepare a decent meal from scratch. However, nothing really beats the taste of a fresh chicken flame-grilled to perfection before your very eyes just like what the caveman did during those times. Good thing there is El Pollo Loco which takes us back where it was real. Nothing really beats the delicious taste of citrus-marinated flame-grilled chicken of El Pollo Loco! It's so tasty! Everytime we tried this we would almost jump for joy as if we have discovered something special. There was one time we had it recorded just to show to our friends and relatives just how we love El Pollo Loco's chicken and why this is a must for them to try. You too can have your own video of this "discovery" from El Pollo Loco. This is your way of showing why grilling chicken the El Pollo Loco way is the best thing to do. Who knows? This video might give you the chance to win in this contest found at this site, Just make sure you read all the details and official rules before you create your video. So, hurry and do the caveman thing and win! And before I forget, make sure to include this in the beginning of your video. Good luck!

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