Thursday, February 07, 2008

one size lower

I'm happy to announced that i'm now a size 12 from a size 14. Yipee! For years now, I used to be on the heavy size (esp. at the bottom part) but lately I noticed the remarkable reduction (hehehe even if one size lower lang) in my waist & hip measurements while fitting new clothes. I was in Dorothy Perkins a while ago and boy! was glad to find out that a size 14 trousers is big for me na. Wohoo! My friends noticed the improvement din. They keep on asking how I did it? I told them... nothing!!! I'm not going to the gym, not into sports (though I played badminton for a while) and definitely no serious diet program I put myself into. Siguro stress is the answer, lol. I'm kinda stressed nowadays with work and I think it contributed a lot to my "slimming" issue. Well, I try to limit rin my food intake especially rice pero I don't think it's the major reason. Hay.. basta...sana tuloy-tuloy na..wish me luck girls!

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  1. Gracie said...
    mabrook sis! (congratulations in Arabic)

    i'm also trying to shed off some pounds, and hopefully go back to my old size.

    goodluck to us! :)
    mm said...
    wow jesse congrats!=)

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