Friday, February 29, 2008

almost had it

Short kwento lang po.

Last night, while I was browsing through other blogs in my ITouch (I turned off na kasi my laptop coz I'm about to retire na rin and I just did a short "silip" lang in PPP to check if there are any available posts), I was surprised to see an available opportunity at payperpost. I got excited and immediately click the reserved button. Imagine, after a long time may white color na umappear!? Super happy ako even if the opp is only $5, okay na ako dun noh? promise!

But, unfortunately due to my excitement, I think I typed the wrong answer to the capcha question that's why I wasn't able to reserve the opp that time and was asked again to enter the correct answer. When I did, it's too late. The oppurtunity is no longer available! Would you believe, in a span of few seconds, it was gone!? Hay.. I was so frustrated that I didn't get to sleep agad. Nawala ang antok ko! Tehee.

Wala lang. Just want to vent out my frustration. Ang hirap ng opps lately kasi :(

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  1. abie said...
    kainis noh...kaya nga di na ako gaano nag aabang sa PPP, kse lagi ako puyat tapos ni isa wala ako ma grab...hehehe

    btw, have something for u here;

    happy weekend

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