Tuesday, February 05, 2008

SAG Red Carpet

I've been an avid follower of awards night since I was a little girl. I would patiently wait (till wee hours of the morning) for the awards night to start and conclude and until now, I continue to do so if I have the luxury of time always making it a point to watch the replay should I miss the live telecast. My personal favorite would be the red carpet segment fo each awards night as i drool over the beautiful gowns, accessories and bling-blings worn by the stars. I love it! Last weekend, I was able to catch the replay of the Screen Actors Guild Award (SAG) and boy! I love what I saw! The gowns are fabulous! The jewelries are worth millions! So in true L.A. fashion, here are my own personal favorites:

Amanda Bynes in Marchesa - I've always love Amanda. And seeing her all grown up makes me love her more :)

America Ferreira in Monique Lhuillier - wow! i'm so proud of Monique! She's come a long way! I love this color by the way.

Angelina Jolie in vintage Hermes - I never thought Hermes does couture gowns. But i'm glad they did coz this one is fabulous! And i'm pretty sure there's "something cute" inside that dress :) And also, Angie always carries her best accessory, her gorgeous husband.

Ashley Tisdale in Badgley Mishcka - She's all grown up! This HSM beauty has really become a true fashionista.

Diane Lane in Versace - i'm seeing a lot of green nowadays. I love this dark green silk piece. I think it complimented the color of Diane's hair.

Ellen Page in Zac Posen - I love short dresses. Though, I seldom approve of dresses worn in Awards nights (because its a formal affair and requires gown) but this is one exception I wouldn't mind considering.

Ellen Pompeo in Charcoal Gray Nina Ricci Gown - I love Meredith in this gown. And her hair and make-up this time is better than the last time I saw her in the Red Carpet.

Kate Beckinsale in Luisa Becarria - It's such a breeze seeing this "sunshine" gown worn by a favorite of mine, Kate B. It was raining during that time and this gown was perfect for brightening up the affair.

Kate Hudson in empire Balmain gown - Kate never fails to amaze us when it comes to fashion. Glamorous!

Marcia Cross in turqouise Monique Lhullier - wow! Monique did it again! I love the color! It brings out the color of Marcia's hair. Love it!

Michelle Pfeifer in Versace dress - this is another dress I can say is acceptable for this kind of affair. I specially love the Christian Loboutin pumps!

All photos courtesy of People.com

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