Wednesday, February 20, 2008

busy, busy day

Today was such a busy day. I had an early morning meeting that extended up to late lunch (i have to beg off later in the afternoon to attend to a rush work), work with a lot of evaluation and memos for management's approval and rush to the Medical City by 5:30 pm for my scheduled KUB ultrasound. You see, I have kidney stones in both my kidneys that i've been monitoring since late last year (or you can say my urologist, as I have been a very "bad" patient for always forgetting about my medicines and to drink lots of water to help flushed out these stones, hehehe). I happen to also have gall stones (bigger than my kidney stones would you believe?) that's been giving me hyperacidity and that feeling of being bloated all the time. This is another story I need to post separately. My doctor always joke about my being a "stone" former, hahaha. Well, I think it's in the genes na rin coz my father has kidney stones as well. I think if you are like me, who seldom drink the required amount of water in a day, you are prone to having stones. It's really hard. We should be taking care of our kidneys.

Arrived at Medical City around 6 and my schedule is 6:30 so I waited for my turn before I was called inside the Ultrasound Suite for my procedure. I was so "naiihi na (pardon my language)" but I try not to so that I won't be waiting long to have a full bladder since it's a requirement before they proceed with the ultrasound. The procedure went pretty fast naman. The nurse and the doctors were nice also. I'm willing to wait for the results but they told me it won't be ready till tomorrow morning. So, my hubby (he's with me pala) and I went home na rin oh not after we bought our favorite Mocha Frap Light Grande from Starbucks. It's my treat for a busy, busy day.

Tomorrow, we'll be attending the wedding of our dear friends, G & M at Santuario de San Antonio. I'm quite excited coz i'll be wearing a pretty dress I got from Luna in Rustan's. Plus, I really love weddings. It reminds me of my own wedding almost 6 years ago. Hay, how time flies talaga.

Hope you guys had a wonderful day. Enjoy the rest of the week :)

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