Thursday, February 21, 2008

gale & melanie's wedding

Today we attended the wedding of our good friends, Gale & Melanie. It was a beautiful wedding from the solemn ceremony held at the Santuario de San Antonio to the wonderful dinner reception at the Manila Polo Club. The newly-weds were so overwhelmed with the turn-out of guests in the church and reception considering that they are expecting less attendance from friends and relatives since its a workday. But, Gale & Lanie are a well-loved couple so many of their friends and relatives really took the time out (like us) just to be with them on their special day. Both the bride and groom looked gorgeous in their wedding attire. Lanie is resplendent in her wedding gown while Gale looks dashing in his barong tagalog. The church was magnificent and overflowing with flowers such as calla lilies and roses in hue of orange and yellow. The Manila Polo Club, as always, is a nice place to hold your reception. The couple made sure that all the guests will have a wonderful time by having a lively reception program with Paolo Clemente of Angel Winks Production as hosts and event organizer. The food was great too! They serve Japanese food no less since the groom has a special affiliation with Japan having worked there for some time. My husband obviously had the time of his life since Japanese food is one of his favorite, lol. He almost had his plate filled with makis and tempura and sushi. So embarassing, hahaha. I also super love the cake from Alex Franco! So yummy!

Anyways, the program was short but very entertaining. I like it that way so that the couple will have more time to mingle with their guests rather than just sitting there in front for a long time. As usual, I won't let this occasion to pass without taking some pictures. I'm such a photo opp person, bwahahaha.. Here are some pics from the wedding:

The happy couple after the ceremony

Hubby and his barkada

The whole gang with the newlyweds

Just don't mind my "braso" here ha?!

Congratulations again, Gale & Lanie! All the best!

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