Tuesday, February 12, 2008

pretty sick

So sorry for not posting for days now. The culprit? I was sick and still am right now. It started thursday evening after a whole day meeting in the office. I felt wasted and had a dry cough and slight fever. The following morning, Friday, it became worst so I wasn't able to go to work na. The whole time I was experiencing frequent vomiting, nausea, dizziness, rising fever, can't take food and I think i'm having an ashtma attack at that time. By the evening of Friday, upon my husband's persistence, I allowed to be brought to St. Luke's since my condition has not improved yet. I vomitted inside the car on the way there so I got pretty scared na. We were at the E.R. by 7:30 and there are lots of peopl as in! We have to wait for our turn to be interviewed and the whole time I wish I did not go na lang coz I want to lie down as I was not really feeling well. Buti na lang my husband is very makulit and insisted that I be given medical attention coz I might passed out already. I requested for a bed inside the E.R. but unfortunately, there were no available bed as there are lots of sick people talaga. I settled for a wheelchair instead. That time I really wished to go home na lang if I won't be able to lie down in a bed. They did all the standard tests like Blood Chem, Chest X-ray, Urinalysis, and an IV fluid was inserted (tama ba?) coz' I might be dehydrated na raw due to the vomiting. Hay ang hirap talaga! Tapos everyone's running around the E.R. Poor babies were crying also and their parents can't seem to figure how to stop them. Basta ang daming taong may sakit that night!

After almost two hours of waiting, a bed became available and my husband immediately "talked" with the nursing aide to give it to me. Hay! Salamat Lord! Kahit yung bed ay nasa aisle na, sige na lang. We waited for the results for hours (you know how long it takes for the results to come out) and I prayed hard that I wouldn't be admitted. Around 11PM my attending doctor brought the results and they all turned out negative naman. Meaning, nothing serious naman daw just the usual "trangkaso" and she asked if I can rest daw at home coz if not, she may have to admit me. I said i'm feeling a little better and would like to continue medications na lang at home. She agreed and just prepared na lang my discharge paper with her instructions. Discharge procedures took almost an hour and my husband took care of it na lang (thank God for HMO's). We went home at about 12:00AM na. It was so tiring. Awang awa ako kay hubby and my helper who came with us. But at least, we can all rest at home and not in the hospital.

The whole weekend I was at home recuperating. I decided to take another day off this Monday since I still had fever yesterday, Sunday. I'm also going to the hospital later for a follow-up check-up and have a KUB ultrasound as well (this is a long overdue task na, this is a different story naman). I plan to go to work tomorrow na if i'm feeling well na. Thanks to my blog friends who left tags and awards in my box. I will do them all promise. Just one at a time lang muna.

Have a nice week ahead. Take care and stay healthy people :)

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