Sunday, February 03, 2008

sale everywhere!!!

I read the newspaper this morning and was suprised to find out that a lot of the malls in the metro are having a SALE this weekend. What?!! I am now confused as to which mall to go to now. SM North Edsa is having a 3-day sale, Shangri-la Plaza is also having a grand Sale (with up to 70% off tagline), Trinoma is also having a SALE for quite sometime now, and the list goes on and on.... Hay... It will surely make a dent on our pockets now hehehe * as if I have the extra moolah for this as I have been bringing home " sale items" from the mall every weekend since the new year started, lol *. Anyways, we'll definitely troop to mall later don't know where pa but I have to check with my siblings first as i'll be going with them together with our Dad. I just hope this time I won't be tempted to snag something * but, if it's a good deal, why not di ba? * I know.. excuses..excuses..excuses.. pathetic hahaha!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. macy said...
    always nice ang sale sa shangri-la so i would suggest for you to go there. sadly, wala ako budget for shopping. maybe sa mid-year. take care and enjoy!!!

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