Sunday, February 17, 2008

it was a sweet & romantic night

We had a very simple dinner at Seven Corners in Crowne Plaza last Feb. 14. I was quite surprised when hubby told me he was able to "reserve a table" for us since earlier that day, he told me that it was already fully booked. Well, if you only knew how my husband can be so "persistent" (read: makulit) I bet he made "kulit" the people from seven corners. lol. Anyways, it's always been a great experience dining there. It's been our favorite resto since it opened. We never grew tired of going there. Plus, they've got plenty of freebies for valentine's day. Check this out...

A rose, he & she fragrances plus sample vials of the latest Armani & Lancome perfumes all courtesy of Crowne Plaza.

It was a sweet & romantic night. Just the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Good Food & wine with my man... i love it!

By the way, he sent some flowers for me in the office. Sweet, noh?

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