Saturday, February 23, 2008

another long weekend

Wohoo! Another long weekend is coming up! Oh how I love long weekends. Not only because I won't be waking up early in the morning for three straight days but also because these long breaks allow me to catch up on my reading and keep in touch with family and friends. So, what's our plan?

Well, on Saturday I plan to visit my urologist to have my long overdue follow-up checkup. Why long overdue? Read this. I also plan to drop by the house of my siblings and probably go to the mall later in the afternoon with them. We've all been busy with work these past days that's why we hardly had the time to spend some quality time together lately. I miss them already :(

Sunday, I plan to visit my dear dad in Laguna. It's been 2 weeks since I last saw him and I miss him too. But, we text everyday so we're not really out of touch. But, the visit is not yet final as I need to check on my husband's schedule first. If he's not available, I might go by myself.

Monday is Oscars' Day! I've been waiting for this event! I love to watch the Red Carpet and the Post-event Parties. I love drooling over the gorgeous gowns, jewelries and accesories and of course, the bags/clutches worn and carried by the stars. Of course, the Oscars awarding ceremony is a wonderful show to watch out for. Would you believe in the past years, I had to skip work or came to work late just because I stayed at home and watch the show from Red Carpet to Post-event Parties!? Yeah, I do it most of the time! That's how I love Oscars. Good thing, this year, it is a holiday! Thanks to Malacanang for declaring this day as a holiday! Now, I don't need to worry about coming to work late! Thanks, thanks! Though I have to wake up early coz Velvet is airing the show at 7am! Wow it's too early!

So, that's how I see my long weekend to happen. How about yours? :)

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  1. macy said...
    im looking forward to watching the oscar's too. enjoy the weekend!

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