Friday, May 30, 2008

eto na....

Finally! After almost a week of waiting for my friend to send me copies of our pictures taken last Sunday night during Faith Cuneta's birthday concert, I now share with you my "kodak" moment with Faith herself and her guests including the very gwapo, Gabby Concepcion!

Backgrounder lang. I was able to watch the concert thru the kind gesture of my good friend, Lui's boyfriend, Ferdi who is a close friend of Faith. In short, libre ako! Free-loader, lol! It was a very nice concert. Nothing spectacular with the show except for the beautiful voice of Faith. Surprisingly, I very much like her voice especially when she makes "birit"! Claro! Solid! Not like other singers na pasigaw. I love her repertoire that evening. She sang songs that I really, really love. I hope her show will be shown on T.V. I recommend watching it. She had quite a lot of guests that night which includes a certain Arthur (forgot his surname, sorry), Joy Viado (grabe! surprise with this girl. galing ng voice! very funny too!), chairman Bayani Fernando (he sang How Did You Know?, would you believe?! he also made "paramamdam" na for 2010. you know what i mean :)) and of course, the one and the only Gabby Concepcion!!! We thought he's not going to come out na kasi Faith already made her final song and then out of nowhere, a voice came out and it was Gabby's! Asking Faith where's she going? I foudn out later that was their "pakulo" for Gabby's grand entrance. true enough, this scheme brought the house down! Fans were screaming to death (including us?! hehehe)! Then, he came from behind our seat. Gosh! I was speechless when I first saw him. Ang puti!! As in!! And syempre ang guwapo pa rin! My friend, Lui's first reaction on the other hand was "ang gwapo!!", lol. Anyways, he went upstage and sang a duet with Faith and later sang a solo. He was quite a comedian that night throwing a lot of jokes.

Over-all, I find the show entertaining. Thanks to Faith's wonderful voice again. Bonus na lang si Gabby and the rest of the guests. Though may mga controversies (read here), maganda naman talaga. After the show, we waited for a little while to meet Faith and hopefully Gabby at the backstage. While waiting for our turn to enter backstage, we had a photo op with the Chairman...

and with Paolo, Faith's backup singer that night. I forgot the name of the band he was with. Friend din sya ni Ferdi.

Finally, we met Faith na. Ferdi did the introductions. She was super nice to us..

And then, we had our most awaited picture-taking with Gabby. Thanks to Ferdi's guts, we were able to squeeze in the crowd and finally got the chance to have this....

Parang masyadong maputi face ni Gabo, noh? pero in person, gwapo sya talaga i swear!
I find him also mabait and accomodating. He even asked us if we enjoyed the show. I was speechless! Imagine he was talking to me while he was touching my "siko" hahaha, natulala ako promise! All I can say was "Yes sir!" Imagine? I called him Sir?! pathetic!

We left the place almost midnight na. It was fun. I enjoyed all the star sightings that night :)

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  1. Jody said...
    Hey Jesse! Kakaiba ang ngiti mo sa pictures ah, lalo na nung katabi mo si Gabby. Abot hanggang tenga! Hahaha. Halatang kilig na kilig ka! Hahaha. I know the band, Paolo Ledesma of 3rd Avenue. I know them, good friends. I always get them for the weddings we are coordinating.
    By the way, thanks for the bday greeting!
    Jesse Pega said...
    Hi Jody!

    Grabe!? obvious ba talaga ang ngiti ko!? halatang kilig na kilig hahaha! Totoo naman talaga sobrang kilig ako. Gwapo kasi talaga si Gabby :) Re Paolo, yes he's really good. 3rd avenue nga pala yung band. May idea ka how much they charge? for reference lang naman :)
    Jesse Pega said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Arlene Tabamo said...
    jesse, natatawa ako and at the same time kinikilig para sayo... waaahhh! gwapo ni gabby kaso parang napakapal nga ung foundation. lols

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