Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

As i previously posted here, I wasn't able to go home to Laguna to visit my mom in the cemetery as what I have been doing the past years. I have a terrible case of cough and hubby said no to my plan of going home. So, I was sad because that was the first time "i'm not with my mom" on Mother's Day. I just said a silent prayer for her and promised that i will give her a visit during my scheduled trip to Laguna by the end of them month. I am also working on a special tribute for my mom which I plan to post here soon. Just wait and see, ok? :)

I didn't let my loneliness for my mom kept me from enjoying this special day. You see, i received quite a lot of messages greeting me Happy Mother's Day even if i'm not yet a mother. They said that it doesn't matter because I am practically the "mother" of my siblings since mom died almost 11 yrs. ago. Kakataba naman ng puso noh? I just hope that I'll be able to experience assuming the role of a mother soon.

Anyways, i joined my in-laws for lunch at Cabalen Restaurant together with the family of my soon-to-be sister in law and her new baby, Chloe, which by the way was born on my birthday :) We had fun eating the whole time while making chikahan. Here is our group picture after the sumptuous lunch (sensya na its just a camera phone shot)

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