Thursday, May 08, 2008

On health insurances

I've been bugging my youngest brother for the longest time now to get a health insurance since this is not part of their company's employee's benefits. You see, I am particularly concern about my siblings health especially my youngest brother, since I really freak out when one of them is sick or not feeling well. Good thing two of my siblings are with HMO insurances provided by the company they both are working for. However, my youngest brother hasn't got one yet. I told him the importance of having one nowadays and how hard it is if one is not health insured in the event of any hospitalization. I already convinced him and he finally agreed with my deal (I will shoulder half of the premium to be paid). So, I started asking around for quotations from various HMO provider. But I found out this can also be very difficult to do considering that there are a lot of company's today offering a lot of insurance packages. You have to check very carefully as to who will give you the best package deal and the most coverage. How I wish, Kaiser Permanente is available here in the Philippines. You see, Kaiser Permanente is the leading HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) offering health insurance in California, Georgia and in the United States. Some of Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company offerings include quality medical insurance coverage at affordable prices. Also, getting quotation from them is as easy as one-two-three as all you have to do is apply online at and voila! You'll get your quotation faster than the other insurance companies. What's more with Kaiser Permanente insurance plans, their primary goal is for their clients to get them well, keep them well and cause their health to thrive.

I will definitely visit Kaiser Permanente online for some reference which will help me in looking for the best insurance package available here in the country. At least even if I can't get their services, I know that my basis for getting one here is from the most reliable and trusted name in the U.S. when it comes to health insurances. That I think is a good deal still.

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