Monday, May 26, 2008

try lifelock code

If you are one of the many victims of identity theft, you must consider lifelock for your guaranteed protection. All of us, one way or the other, are bank account owners and credit card holders. Sometimes we thought, our investments are safe with the financial institutions we chose to entrust our hard-earned money but not everyone is aware that this is not always the case.

A friend of mine recently got the shock of his life when he found out that his application for a housing loan has been declined by the bank due to an outstanding credit card balance he doesn't know of. He was never aware of this and could not believe that such thing can happen. You see, my friend is a very responsible fellow who never lets any bills unpaid and most of all, all his credit card purchases are always paid in full. Imagine his shock when he learned about the bank's reason for the decline of his loan application. He immediately reported this incident to his credit card provider and demanded that his name be cleared of any debts as he has been a very good client.

Things like this could really happen to anyone. With the advance technology we have today, fraudulent activities such as this can possibly happen. Good thing there is who can give us the 100% guaranteed protection we all need to protect our finances. As America's #1 Identity Theft protection program, your identity is guaranteed up to $1,000,000! Now, who could not resist that offer? What's more by using their lifelock promotion code, you can get the best discount available. So, try this and see what being secured is all about.

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