Monday, May 26, 2008

understanding debt consolidation

One of my guilty pleasure is shopping. I am not ashamed to admit it because it is true, lol. Whenever I feel sad or gloomy over something, retail therapy is one of the best way to cheer me up I tell you. I know that there is nothing wrong with it as long as you know your limitations, financially speaking. Anyways, it has been a proven fact that shopping using credit cards is the best way to fully enjoy the shopping experience. Imagine, you never have to worry about carrying a lot of cash when doing your shopping or groceries. The comforts of using this plastic cards can also be felt knowing that you may have the option to pay your purchases after one month if you are careful in using it and observe your credit cards cut-off dates.

I am a cardholder for many years now and I can attest to the many advantages of having had one. I have been given a lot in the many years of being a good payer. I got caught up with the many things that has happened in my life and before I knew it I now have a number of cards I maintain all at the same time! Some of them I hardly use!

I know that this is not ideal considering that monitoring all these could really be a headache. Not to mention the annual fees I have to shell out which are getting higher and higher each year. It is with this dilemna that I finally decided to seek the help of a debt consolidator. You see, I have come to realize that it is not ideal to maintain a lot of cards but instead, having at least two credit cards with high credit limit and low monthly interest rate, is the most practical thing to do nowadays. With this realization, I have decided to adopt debt consolidation on my existing credit card accounts. With this plan, I intend to maintain at least two major cards and the rest will have to be consolidated and the balance shall be transferred to the two cards I plan to retain. A lot of cards have been offerring this kind of set-up but I am not too serious that time. But at this point, wherein I am quite worried about my spending habits nowadays, I felt it would be better to take things in the most practical way we can. That's why for me, this is my best option.

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