Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fulfilling my dreams

I just came from a very hectic day full of out of town meetings. They're all work-related, of course. I'm so tired from all the traveling and when I got home, all i wanted to do was to hit the bed. But I need to do some work i left in the office while I was away so I think sleep will have to wait for a couple more hours. This is life. All of us have to work hard to be able to make a living. Especially nowadays that we are experiencing a lot of difficulties be it financial, economical and even political, we really need to work doubly hard don't you think?

But there are times when I think of the future and what I plan to do with my life. Do I like to work all my life or plan for an early retirement and enjoy life outside the fast-paced corporate world? Of course, I like option 2 better but to be able to achieve this I really need to work double time and invest in the future That's why as early as now, i'm already planning to invest some of my hard earned money on worthy investments that will make my future look brighter. This will allow me to enjoy life without even thinking of working just to earn a living. This would mean long, extended vacations without worrying about coming back to work or having the luxury of time to do my little hobbies without being interrupted by work. So, i'm looking for the best partner that will help me in achieving this goal. Good thing there is Northern Trust, a company that is considered as a global leader in asset management, asset servicing and banking. They will definitely help me in my various investment ideas such as real estate settlement which i'm not really familiar yet. So, I hope with this discovery of a company with whom I have full trust and confidence to entrust my future financial decisions, achieving my dream of living life to the fullest will surely materialize in the near future.

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