Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The perfect gift

Now that Mother's Day has just passed, I am now looking forward to another important event which will happen in the next month. Yes, you guess it right. It's Father's Day! This special day is equally important as its counter-part not only because I will be able to celebrate this special occassion with my only living parent, my Dad, but also this day almost always fall within the same week or weekend of our wedding anniversary. This year, hubby and I will be celebrating our six-year anniversary and I would like to give him the best gift. Last year, on our 5th year, he gave a grand vacation trip to Singapore, so this year I felt that I wanted to give him the best gift since he's been the one doing it for me eversince we met. I'm thinking of giving him a watch this time. I was looking at a lot watches in the internet because he's very particular about this accessory. He's quite picky when it comes to his watches that's why I really need to research on the right model and type that will suit his taste. Good thing I learned about girard perregaux watch from vialuxe.com. Though, not quite famous here in our country, this brand is considered as one of the oldest watch companies committed to the concept of a manufactory. They have been in the business since 1791 and their timepieces are one of the finest and most complicated in world. You can learn more about this sophisticated timepiece from vialuxe.com. I'm pretty sure that my hubby will definitely like owning one of this because of its unique design, functionality and classic style.

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