Saturday, May 03, 2008

Red Rose Tag

A rose is a flowering shrub of the genus Rosa. It’s the classic expression of love because a rose flower pours forth your innermost feelings to your beloved in the most beautiful way. So give a rose to your loved ones and friends and make anyone’s heart bloom with joy!

Got this beautiful rose from Juliana. Thanks sis! You made my day with this one :)

Now i'm passing this to Tet, MM, Jane, Jody and Abie.

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  1. abie said...
    thanks for this sis.

    it is now posted here:
    abie said...
    sis nga pala yung a ocean park..noong nagpunta kami, maaga pa so medyo kaunti pa lang yung tao...tsaka friday yun...pero bago kami umalis don, mga before lunch, medyo dumami na yung tao pero tolerable pa din naman...

    agahan nyo na lang kung pupunta kayo...9:30 open na yung booth nila for the tickets pero yung iba 9:00 AM pa lang nandon na... said...
    Hi there, would you like to exchange links? -Florence-

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