Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Josephine's Tagaytay

This is a long overdue post. But still I want to share this with you guys. My family and I troop to Tagaytay one Sunday morning for some sight seeing and also to try out Josephine's as my friends were urging me for the longest time to go there and try it out. My Dad was here in Manila during that time so I took the opportunity to bring him there. He hasn't been able to visit other places aside from the usual trips to Manila for his check-ups since he's having a hard time walking na rin. So, I thought it's the right family bonding time as well.

We left Manila at around 9 in the morning and while we were driving thru SLEX, heavy downpour of rains greeted us. We were quite disappointed as it would be difficult to enjoy Tagaytay when it's raining except of course that would mean the place would be foggy and cold which, by the way, we love. Surprisingly, the sun is up when we reached Tagaytay. We then proceeded to our destination, Josephine's, as we were all very hungry since it's almost lunchtime na. We ordered a lot and of course the specialty of the house, nilagang bulalo! Yummy!

After eating, we took some time off to have photo ops at Josephine's Garden where the view of Taal Volcano is spectacular!

I just love Josephine's! Not only for the good food but most importantly, because of the warm, homey atmoshphere this restaurant is giving to its customers. The place is beautiful and have lots of photo ops area for picture-obssesed people like us hehehe. Here we are by the garden...

Before we left, the staff was busy setting-up the place for a wedding later in the afternoon. So, what do you expect?! More picture taking for us!

We planned to have coffee and dessert at Cafe Breton but since my Dad was not feeling well, we decided to just head back home after our lunch. We had a short stopover at Total station to visit the comfort rooms and to have a quick snack at their coffee shop. Got home at around 4:30, tired but super happy and enjoy :) I love out of town trips with my family!

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  1. Shiela said...
    Nice smile, nice view, nice place...

    Btw, salamat sa tag. I will do it later. I have atag for you as well.

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