Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finding the right car insurance

Lately we've been hearing a lot of gruesome incidents brought about what they call nowadays as "road rage" and this has somewhat alarmed the authorities. I keep reminding my husband to always have a cool head when driving cause you'll never know what kind of person you'll encounter in the streets.
On a similar note, our friends car recently have been a victim of what you can call a "carpark rage". See, my friends were about to park in the covered parking area of one of the malls in Ortigas. They found this slot beside a car parked wrongly as it has occupied two slots giving little space for my friend's car to maneuver. However, my friend still tried to squeeze in their car as it was a weekend and trying to find a slot during that time was difficult. In doing so, the car beside them now had no space at the driver side. My friends have no option but to leave their car as is since they assumed that the driver of the other car will still have accessed inside through the passenger side. Besides, they wanted to give the driver a lesson not to take advantage of the available parking slots. But, they already had a bad feeling leaving the car. And true enough, when they went back to their car, there was a long scratch at their car's body along the passenger side. They were lucky to get the plate number of the other car before they left. However, they are still thinking of what to do next. Will they file and claim this to their car insurance policy ? Or look for the owner of the other car to settle this with them? The latter is not a better option since this will entail a lot of work and will not guarantee a positive result. My friend's dilemna now is to find out if this kind of incident is part of their insurance coverage.
Finding the automotive insurance policy is not an easy task. You have to consider a lot of important things when choosing the right coverage that will fit to your requirement and of course your budget. Good thing, there is a site that can help us in this process called Advantage Auto Quotes. This site will guide you in selecting the right coverage insurance for your car by introducing you to multiple companies that offers the most competitive rates. Getting the information you need is very simple. All you had to do is fill out a simple form and you'll get multiple quotes on all types of automobile insurance policies that suits your need. They are connected with well-known insurance companies as well as smaller companies that give nice deals as well. It's that easy!
So, next time you renew your car insurance, make sure you visit Advantage Auto Quotes and see how this great site will work to your advantage. This site will give you a better grasp of what your insurance coverage is all about. And if ever you'll be face with the same situation as my friends, you know, you are protected.


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