Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kiehl's is finally here!!!!

OMG!!! Finally, the long wait is over! My fave brand Kiehl's finally opens in Greenbelt 5. I thought this will never gonna happen since news about the store not opening here in manila starts spreading like fire. Thanks to the fashpack I learned that Kiehl's finally opened! Yes, it was through thefashpack's blog that i learned about this great, great news. I wasn't invited in the launching, people. Sad to say, i'm not a VIP to ever deseve an invite from them, lol. Anyways, i'll definitely schedule a visit soon to G5. I hope i'll never get lost on my way there since most of the guests i heard were frustrated since there were no directions on how to get to this new mall, tsk, tsk.. I'm so happy because Kiehl's already available here. Now, it won't be a problem buying my fave products, lip balm #1 (my tube is almost consumed na) and creme de corps. I only got to buy Kiehl's products when I go abroad. So, this is great news to me :)

I learned it's a cute tiny store. Here's a pic courtesy of thefashpack:

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  1. Jen said...
    hi jesse, i've linked you up on both my sites :). i also have a lil something for you on, thanks for visiting!
    My World said...
    i'm a kiehl's addict too. i love their body moisturizers and foot creams. so luxurious, right?

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