Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Finding that "dream" bag

We baghags know that finding the bag of our dreams is like finding your soulmate. O.A. ba? But it's true right? Nothing beats the feeling of having that "BAG". However, finding the "one" is not that easy. In the case of LV, you have to at least be listed at the store's super looong waitlist just to have the chance to buy the bag of your choice. There's no guarantee when you will have it. You just have to patiently wait, pips. That's why, it's good to know that there are baghags out there, like my multiply business contact, the lv lady.

You see, the lv lady is a true blue baghag who sells brand new and second hand authentic designer bags. It's 100% guaranteed authentic so you don't have to worry about knock-offs. Besides, she carries a lot of styles some are even no longer available in the stores or better yet, new styles that are not yet available in the boutiques. Last time I checked the site, she has the LV Mini Lin Speedy that Jody's crazy about. So, to baghags out there, check out this site. Who knows, you might find your "dream" bags here.

Oh btw, my favorite baghag, Mrs. T, also has a website that offers second hand designer bags. Check out also Her collection is to die for!

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  1. Kelly said...
    ...but have you seen sabster's collection?! i love them all!! did you see her hermes birkinS (note: with an S)?! grabeeee!
    Jody said...
    Hey Jesse, I'm happy with my damier this low maintenance. and i love the red chic! What's the site of this LV Bag had? happy halloween :-)
    Jesse Pega said...
    Jody, you can check the lv lady @ :)the Damier Speedy is really one of a kind :)

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