Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Weekend Recap

So, how was your long weekend? :) Mine was super fun but tiring, lol. Last Saturday, I had the chance to go to the spa for a much needed massage. Gawd! Those late nights during our planning have really drained me out! My body's screaming for a break! Anyways, hubby & I went to Bodytune at the Block for our reservation at 4pm. We indulged ourselves to one & a half hour of pure relaxation and sleeping! Hay! If only we could do this more often :)

Sunday was family day. I met with my brothers & sisters and we all trooped to Bonifacio High Street. I've been wanting to go there lately and good thing my siblings agreed to join me. One reason for going there is to visit Fully Boooked! Feels like heaven when you go there. You see, my sister & I love books. But between the two of us, she's the bookworm. i love it there! Imagine, four floors of all the books and magazines that you may possibly want (and have, if you have lots of moolah) and they have a wide range of cd selections to the delight of my sister (she super dooper loves classical music). Hay, you can't just get enough of this bookshop! I can stay in that building for a whole day! There's also a dog parade that afternoon and we were entertained by the different canine's dressed to the max. They were all soooo cute!! I personally love the chow-chow's that I saw. i love it! They look so fluppy though I can't go near them coz I might have an allergy attack :(

Here's a pic of a "chow-chow clown"

After watching the show, we had dinner at Brother's Burger and there we saw the Muhlach twins. I tell you guys, these kids are soo good looking!!! gwapito & gwapita!! Plus, they are both disciplined & well-mannered. No showing of tantrums whatsoever. Their parents must be so proud of them. There were no sightings of the parents though as the twins were with their lola. Sayang :) We capped the night off with coffee at Figaro then went home afterwards. Boni Hi Street is such a wonderful place to visit with your family. I'll be going back there before Christmas definitely!! plus, just across the street is Serendra. Love the cupcakes from Sonja's and Martha's :)

Here are more pictures of us:

Monday was rest day for me. I planned to go to the mall to buy last minute stuff before going home to Laguna this coming Nov. 1 but I got lazy, lol. I stayed at home the whole day watching T.V. and blogged like crazy!! Hope you had a nice weekend too!

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  1. Jody said...
    Sayang wala si Aga! Hahaha...
    Jesse Pega said...
    I was actually waiting for Aga to appear ha ha ha!!! No luck!
    Kelly said...
    the chowchow is so cuuute! i love going to BHS too

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