Friday, October 26, 2007

Plannning in Antipolo Part 2

I'm back from a 2-day budget planning session. This is the last leg of the planning session for 2008. We stayed in Antipolo in the same resort/hotel, Cloud 9. This time, all the officers of the company's different departments/division attended the planning/team building to consolidate our respective department budgets. I have a related post were I talked about a similar planning session of my own department held in this similar resort. It was so tiring and exhausting but I enjoyed it just the same. I had the oppurtunity to bond with my colleagues and got to know them more. We had activities that allow us to peek a little into the lives of our colleagues and i'm glad we did it because now we know where each one of us came from and we will have a better understanding of how each member of the team thinks and works.

We had limited time for photo ops because we stayed most of the time in the conference area finishing the budget and it's raining the whole time we're there. But we were able to had some pics taken because we're such picture addicts, lol. Here's a view of the Metropolis from Cloud 9. It's raining so fog is everywhere.

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