Wednesday, October 10, 2007

LV Monogram Mahina XL

Just saw this new bag from LV Greenbelt 4 at thebaghag's site and I instantly fell in love with it!!

Photo Courtesy of thebaghag

I have always admired Mrs.T's taste when it comes to bag and this new bag of hers is definitely one of the best! Mrs. T, congrats on your new purchase. You're right about this bag. The size can definitely hold all your stuff that's why I love it too! I prefer big size bags so I can put all my "trash" inside, lol. Anyways, this bag according to Mrs. T, is made of soft leather and the color is very easy to match with. Drawback, I think, is the bag's appearance when it is not full because of its super soft leather material, the bag may not "stand" up alone like the other LV bags. Oh well, I still love it and I will definitely add this to my wishlist. Thanks Mrs. T for showing this :)


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