Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Godmother once again

I had the honor of being a godmother once again today at the christening of my dear friend Serma's new baby boy named Nathan Wandy. Nathan is a blessing from God to his because my friend have had miscarriages before Nathan came. The couple had gone through a lot but still, God has blessed them with a wonderful baby despite of all that happened. I've seen how they went through the heartache of losing a child and now that Nathan is here, happy and healthy, I could'nt be more happier for them. I was also happy to stand as one of Nathan's godparent and I thank his parents for giving me this wonderfull oppurtunity. I love being a "ninang" because I love children and since I don't have a child of my own yet (which we have been praying for five years now), I consider my "inaanaks" my own na rin :) Godparents are considered as the second parents naman di ba? So, Nathan, welcome to the christian world and Ninang loves you!


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