Sunday, October 28, 2007

Friday Night, Karaoke Night!

We went to worldmusicroom family ktv in Greenhills last night with our good friends, Charlie and Malou. The four of us would always meet on friday nights just to have dinner, coffee or catch a movie. Last night, we decided to change our usual routine by going to a karaoke!! You see, we all love to sing and boy, sang we did to the max last night! We had so much fun. What with 3 hours of non-stop singing and dancing ha ha ha. We left Greenhills at half past midnight and decided to go to Something Fishy in Libis to have a super early breakfast. Imagine?! Brekfast at 1 in the morning!? All that singing made us very hungry! Good thing something fishy has an eat-all-you can breakfast at a very reasonable price. We had a blast! Finally, after all the merry making, we all went home to our respective homes and promised to ourselves that we will do this again. Good times!!

Here's Charlie, Moi, Malou:

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