Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Planning in Antipolo

Last thursday and friday, our group has conducted our annual strategic planning for the year 2008 at Cloud 9 Hotel & Resort in Antipolo City. We left early thursday morning so that we'll have enough time to check in our things before 9 am, our scheduled start of the planning session. I was quite impressed with how the place has looked like after six years. You see, this is where my husband proposed marriage to me! And because of that reason, it has somewhat remain a special place for me :) Anyways, the place is now a hotel with swimming pools and many attractions to boast of. First, is the view of the metropolis. .It's just breathtaking! I love it! Also, I was suprised to find a lot of wonderful animals scattered all over the place (well, the animals are inside their cages.. so it's not that scary after all :)) There are ostrich (3 in fact), a myna bird (who swears! woudl you believe?!) and a monkey who eats quite a lot! Food is great also from breakfast to dinner, we enjoyed every meal they served us especially the sinigang na tuna:) It's to die for! Anyways, here we are having a grand time eating our "suman at chokolate" for merienda:
TMG Group

"suman at tsokolate"

We spent the first day brainstorming and evaluating each department's action plans for the goals and objectives set. It was a very tiring experience but at least we have covered all the subjects that need to be discussed and resolved. We finishd around 9:30 in the evening and cap the night off with a round of drinks courtesy of our boss.

at work

at play

Our second day was also devoted to planning but this time we were able to squeeze in some photo ops:

group picture

We finished at around 5:30 in the afternoon so we had an early dinner and yes, a karaoke session! This event won't be complete without a karaoke session! We are such karaoke addicts, lol!


Over-all, the event is a huge success. We were able to accomplish our tasks and at the same time had fun and great bonding moments with our colleagues and boss.


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