Wednesday, November 28, 2007

free online dating

A friend of mine is on cloud nine nowadays. The reason? She has finally found her one true love in the least likely place of all... the world wide web! Actually, at first I wasn't too keen on the idea of her trying to look for her significant other in the internet. I thought she was just buying her time and just having fun. I was hoping that she'll find her true love among the many guys I arranged for her to meet. But fate has its own way of doing things. And before I knew it, she has finally met this wonderful guy over the net and she's been happy eversince. There are a lot of sites that offer online dating and one of them was It's a free online dating site that offers free personals from members around the world. Here you can do a lot of things. There's a free chat services that allows you to chat with other people at no expense. And there is also a free offline phone chat feature where Members can leave Voice Personals for others to hear when they are off the phone. It's a relatively new site but the number of members are now fast-growing making it one of the free online dating siteto watch out for. So, what are you waiting for? GO visit friendsation. Who knows? You're Prince Charming might just be a tick away.

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