Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our Christmas Tree

As promised, I would like to present to you our humble tree :) I finally had the chance to put some decors. The motif is a combination of bronze, copper, gold and silver. Last year, was pink and silver. If you're wondering where our tree is situated, it's actually at the ground floor of our unit which used to be a commercial area (hence the shelves and aluminum doors and glass in the pic). We used to place the tree upstairs where we live but this year I decided to have it place here so that it can be viewed from the outside. Sayang naman if walang makakapansin, di ba? :) We have plans of renovating the ground floor but maybe next year or if budget permits he he he. SO what do you think? papasa na ba?



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  1. Jen said...
    xmas is in the air!
    Mich said...
    wow, nice tree! :)

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