Tuesday, November 27, 2007

weekend recap

Hi pips! Hope you guys had a nice weekend!

As for me, I was able to finally finish decorating our tree! Yes! I still have to take a picture of it as I promised you guys that I will post it once it's done. Anyways, I was also able to watch the movie "ENCHANTED" last saturday with my friend, Malou in Trinoma. I like it so much! Not only because the cutie Patrick Dempsey was there but the whole movie is very light, romantic and musical. It's a feel good movie. I was surprised that the movie started as a cartoon but later on, the scene transformed into the real world. It's magical and funny and the kids watching at that time loved it the most! After the movies, we went to check out the recently opened GAP store! Yes! There's a Gap outlet here in the Phil. already (one also opened in Glorietta) I super love their clothes there. It's classy! I love that their pieces are something that I can wear at work and during my casual or free time. I love it! I'm looking forward to going there a lot to check out their new collection :)

Sunday was spent also in the mall after hearing mass in the morning. I was able to do the grocery thank God! We haven't had anything to eat na, lol. My dad arrived from the province last night for his check-up so it's a full-packed week ahead for me. Hay! So many things to do but I love it! Have a great week ahead everyone :)

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