Saturday, November 10, 2007

A girl's best friend

They say that a diamond is a girl's best friend. And I agree to that 100 percent!! I've always loved diamonds. I remember when I was young, I would drool over my mom's and my grandma's diamond earrings and rings. Although, they were not that big, in terms of carats and everything, but to me they look as if they were 1 karat studs glistening before my very eyes!! And boy, how I love them!

So, imagine my excitement when my guy proposed to me with a diamond engagement ring. It was beautiful! It wasn't a carat big though but it's perfectly enough for me. What mattered was that I love him and we're going to spend the rest of our lives together. Come our wedding day, he presented me with an equally beautiful diamond ring as our wedding band. It was a perfect match to my engagement ring. I couldn't be more happier!

Aside from the few pieces of jewelries I got from my mom and grandma, I often dream of having the financial capacity to buy more jewelries especially diamonds. You see, with a diamond you can never go wrong. It's also a very wise investment that you can actually use in the future should there be a financial emergency. I read a magazine article recently saying that a jewelry is the new "it" bag. Why is that so? you may ask. The truth is with the right jewelry you'll never worry if it fits you right, or if you got the right color to match an outfit. It's an accessory that doesn't require a "hit and miss" scenario. It's always safe to have it and use it.

So, this early, while i'm still trying to save for a piece, i've started searching for that perfect one to add to my small collection. Good thing i've come across It's a one-stop jewelry shop! From the best designs to the custom-made services they offer, this site is the trusted source for all your jewelry needs. Among my favorites would be the diamond pendants, the black diamond rings (i never knew such thing exists!) and the sapphire rings (which I discovered I truly liked!).

Here are some of my personal favorites ( and I hope to buy someday! Gawd! I need lots of moolah for all of these!!). But for now....drool, drool, drool!!!

a Diamond Bag Pendant - i'm sooo loving this!!

a Black Diamond Ring - this is nice!!

a Yellow Sapphire Ring - i.want.this!!!

So, for your jewelry needs, do check out They offer the finest quality jewelry with authenticity certificate and free gift packaging perfect for your loved ones. What's more, if you feel like having another piece that catches your eye, you can always trade-up your own jewelry & the site will buy it back for you to be able to get that new piece. And the best part is you can get any one of this at interest free payment plans! Wow! what more could we girls ask for! Diamonds truly are a girls best friend!!

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