Tuesday, November 13, 2007

T'was a fun weekend

I had a fun-filled weekend. Last Saturday, I met up with my friend Lui in Greenbelt 3 to have lunch and stroll at the mall. I took the MRT to go there to save on time. I passed by Glorietta. I don't know but I had this weird feeling when I passed by the Glorietta 2 area (now board-up with white walls). It felt creepy knowing that many people died there. And I can still smell something like sulfur? Basta. It felt creepy passing thru that area. I said prayers for the victims the whole time I was walking by :(

Anyways, we had lunch at Recipes. The food there was great and as expected, both of us left the place with a full stomach, lol. After that we checked out the shops at greenbelt 3 and at the newly-opened Greenbelt 5. Not many stores are open yet but I already like the interiors of this new wing. It looks classy inside and contemporary outside. I'm super excited for the opening of some brands there like Marc Jacobs. I got to visit also Kiehl's! Wohoo!! The store is almost the same as that in Singapore. They carry almost all the products and I think the prices here are much cheaper than in SG. That's what i've noticed lang. I haven't bought any since I still have supplies of kiehl's products I got from my last trip in SG. Maybe in December :)

I left Makati at around 5 PM to meet my husband and my siblings at Trinoma. Lui went to meet her BF naman. We watched the concert of the great Basil Valdez and the world renowned UP Singing Ambassadors at the Trinoma Park. Boy! I tell you these guys are great, great performers! Basil's still got the voice that won the hearts of many filipinos. Though, you can notice the strain already brought by the illness he got years ago I guess. But, it doesn't matter coz the guy still has the charisma. It's a wonderful show all in all. Everybody was in a festive mood and you can feel that christmas is really here! The concert ended with a wonderful fireworks display! It's grand! I love it! It's the perfect ending to a wonderful night! I love Trinoma for coming up with shows like this. And the best part is it's for free! So if you want to have a good time, go catch the other performances every weekend. You'll definitely have a grand time too! Here our some pictures to prove it...

The UP Singing Ambassador

Basil Valdez with the UPSA

Fireworks display

Moi by the tree

with my sis

with my bro (who took all the pics, great shots bro!)

Yesterday, Sunday, after hearing mass we spent the day at the mall... wherelse?! And guess what? I got to convince my husband to get his own pair of crocs! Finally! I've been enjoying my mary janes for months now and I have been "making kulit" to him to buy a pair. We bought matching color crocs. I got the prima in chocolate and he got the off-road. Now we have matching crocs perfect for our mall trips he he he.

So, guys how about you? Did you all have a great time? :)

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