Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Question Tag

This tag I got from Eds. Thanks sis! :)

Her question# 1: "When did you start blogging and why?"

I started blogging unofficially since last year from my friendster account. It was an "on & off" thing back then. I wasn't regularly updating my blog and sometimes, I would post one entry per month lang. Then, I chanced upon knowing Mrs. T's blogsite. I got hooked! As in everyday, I look forward to reading her daily adventures and I Love it!

Since then, I got to know more about blogging especially paid blogging. So, last September of this year, I began my again "love affair" with blogging this time with blogger. I learned about paid posts through the help of my fellow bloggie and my "idol" when it comes to blogging, Jane :) I'm super hooked! Never a day has passed by without me checking my blogsite and my other favorite bloggers.

Thanks Mrs. T & Jane for the inspiration! :)

Her question# 2: "What do you address your spouse as endearment and why?

We call each other "hunny" from the Winnie the pooh cartoon series. Since "honey" is a common term of endearment na, we chose to use this word instead for a litle variety :) I also have a winnie stuff toy, the one where winnie is holding a jar of "hunny". That's where we actually get the idea of using that word.

Her question # 3 : " Who's Blog do you admire most & why? "

Of course it would be Mrs. T's for her wit and detailed account of her charmed life especially her travels and food trips and most especially, her bag purchases and review. I love it!

Now, for my question, what is your favorite T.V. series (filipino or american, old or new) and why?

Care to answer, ricca, jen, jean, sheila & juliana?

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  1. My World said...
    will do this soon, jesse. thanks and TY too for the greetings. take care!

    jean said...
    hello, jesse. Musta na? I did this tag before but anyways, thanks for remembering me. Pag may other tags ka, just tag me. I'm enjoying answering them.

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