Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Songs of my life

I've been tagged by Eds twice! Thanks, thanks!! This is the first one. I surely enjoyed doing this since I love music. I have lots of favorite songs and seven would not be enough but I would'nt want to bore you guys so i'll just stick to the number :)

It's all about the songs that take me down the memory lane.

Crazy for You ( Madonna ) - who would'nt love this song?! I think I was in elementary when this song became a hit. It instantly catches my attention and my heart when I first heard it played in our old casette. I love the tune of this song and later in high school, the lyrics na (nakaka-relate na eh lol).

Moon River ( Henry Mancini ) - This is a favorite of my mom's. I still remember when i was still young, every sunday morning my mom would always tune in to this particular radio station that plays old songs. Everytime Moon River was played, she would sing to her heart's delight. I also found out that it was the theme song of one of my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's. I super love this song. Call me an old soul but this song really brightens up my mood whenever i hear it. It reminds me so much of my mom who already passed away :( This song will always be special.

Farewell (Raymond Lauchengco) - This song was played during our high school graduation and it really made me cry a lot!! And I regret it coz I looked bad in the pictures ha ha ha Now, I can't even show my high school grad pics to my friends becasue i'm super dyahe to show my eyes all swollen up due to crying, lol. Seriously, this song really hit me hard during that time because I really enjoyed high school and going to manila for college after that was a major turning point in my life and I was super scared that time. Whenever I hear this song, it reminds of my old friends from high school and also old crushes.. uuyyyy :)

One Last Cry (Brian Mc Knight) - oh well, this is a heartache song. This used to be my "comfort" song when I was super dooper infatuated with one of my classmates way back in college. We had an understanding I think but nothing serious. We ended up just friends though as I was not really serious about getting into a relationship at that time since my priorities back then was my studies. It was all good memories na lang :)

Beautiful in my eyes (Joshua Kadison) - a song that I fell in love with in college. I love the lyrics of this song. Kaka-melt ng heart!!!

Love Moves in Mysterious Ways (Julia Fordham) - This was the song that I first sang for my then friend pa lang who later became my boyfriend and husband :) We were just in the "getting to know you" stage and one time on our way to La Salle to attend our Grad School class, this song played over the car radio and I started singing this song for him. Later, I learned that this was the time when my husband felt something for me na. Nabighani sa boses ko! lol

Theme song from Love Affair (Ennio Morricone) - this is the instrumental part in the movie "Love Affair" where katharine Hepburn played the piano and Annette Benning listened and later hummed the song.. Hayy I super love it!! I started learning the piano piece of this song which my mom got from a music shop. This song reminds me also of my mom as she also loved this song very much. That's why, as a tribute to her, I chose this piece as the background music (played by a live string quartet) while we made our marriage vows during our wedding ceremony.

So there you have it. Hope you had fun reading it as much as I enjoyed writing about the songs of my life.

Many have been tagged already so i'm not going to tag anybody. But feel free to grab this if you want to reminisce the good old times through your songs :)

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