Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ultimate wishlist + LV's newest..

Oh my gosh! I think I would faint if I ever receive one of these orange boxes! Vlad of the is the proud owner of these boxes from Hermes NYC. They're not revealing yet the contents as they are keeping this as a surprise. Can't wait, can't wait to see this!!! I'll post the contents once these boxes were opened!

Also from purseblog, the Louis Vuitton MOCA Line (Museum of Contemporary art).

It's a neverfull bag with the Murakami print. This is actually the latest collaboration with Takashi Murakami of the famed Cherry Blossom and Multicolore line among others. This was launched at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) where Murakami had an exhibit. Before you think of getting one though, this line is not available in every LV store. In fact, it's a limited edition line rumored to have limited pieces available. The agenda on the otherhand looks cute with the "little mushroom" character named Chibi Kinoko. Isn't the cutest? :) I think it's a nice variation from the plain one. But choosing between the plain Neverfull and Murakami Neverfull, i'll still settle for the former. So, what do you baghags think of the Murakami Neverfull?

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  1. Tinggay said...
    hi there! bloghopping po from another mommy blogger's blog! love the baghag theme of your website and if you ask me, cute yung murakami neverfull, but i'm still happy with my plain neverfull - not to mention medyo mas mahal yung ltd. edition! glad to see another tpf-er from the philippines :)

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