Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Getting ready for year 2008

In preparation for another busy year, I have started searching for the perfect planner/diary. You see, I need to jot down all the things I need to accomplish at work and at home, bills I have to pay, monitor my expenses and even my monthly period, lol as I tend be very forgetful. For years now, i've been consistently using starbucks' planner but this year i've decided to check out other brands/type as I was beginning to get bored with their designs. Plus, i've noticed that the discount coupons that they usually insert between the sheets or at the back of the planner were getting fewer every year. In fact, I think this year, there were no discount coupons at all, tsk tsk tsk. Initially, I wanted to get the Moleskine notebook which I saw at FULLY BOOKED BHS last week. The paper is smooth and very nice to write on. Plus I like its sleek design and the idea that it can perfectly fit inside my bag. Inside though, you'll find a typical planner layout without the discount coupons. I'm about to get it but I thought I'd wait a little while since i thought that I might still find something better that i'll "fall in love" with ;)

"the moleskine large weekly planner"

Well what do you know?! Yesterday, as I was surfing the net, I chance upon seeing this beautiful, beautiful planner that I think best represents my personality, lol. Presenting the Belle de Jour Power Planner!!!

Oh my gosh!! I'm so excited about this!! This is the perfect planner for me. First, I love the cover it's super chic! Plus there are lots of discount coupons from different establishments like Bayo, Kashieca, all-flip flops (omg! think about hoarding all the havies there!) and many, many more ( swear, a lot is in store for us girls inside!) And also, most importantly, it has a lot of features you can't find in any planner. I love that it has a menstrual tracker, expenses tracker (very important for impulsive shopper like me, lol), goal planning, a travel planner (for that much deserved vacation) and a birthday list (to keep you reminded of your friends & loved ones' birth dates). I super loooove it!!

I already placed my order online and will pick it up next week. Boy, I can't wait! If you're interested, you can check out there site to learn more about this wonderful stuff. And oh, it's very affordable and part of the sale proceeds goes to women-related charity. For next year, it would be the "Tahanan ni St. Lucia" - a crisis intervention center for 12-17 abandoned, neglected, or sexually/physically-abused street children. So you see girls, it's not all glamour and stuff. You get to help also in the process. Now, isn't that the sweetest? :)

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