Sunday, November 11, 2007

it's another weekend

Happy weekend everyone!!

So, what are your plans for the next two days? Today, I'll be going to makati to meet up with my friend Lui for lunch and we're going to check out the newly-opened Greenbelt 5. Yipee! I've been wanting to go there since 2 weeks ago pa yata but I only had the chance now. First on my list of to do would be to visit the Kiehl's store i've been telling you about in my previous post.

This is an oppurtunity for me as well to buy a birthday gift for my hubby for his birthday next week. Makakatakas din ako! lol. In the evening, i'll meet naman my siblings in Trinoma to watch a pre-christmas concert featuring Basil Valdez. My sister and I love this guy. Such a nice voice! Maybe will have dinner as well na rin there. Tomorrow, definitely will hear mass and then, mall again afterwards, wherelse?! It's going to be a fun-filled two days for me. Hope you guys will have a great weekend too!

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