Saturday, October 13, 2007


My hubby and I were at the Powerplant Mall earlier today to check out their on-going mall wide sale. Yup, PP is on sale this weekend so you guys better check it out. I just got a few tops and undies from a local brand, though. No major purchase as I was saving up for something more "important", lol (could it be another bag? :)) Anyways, what really made my trip to PP was this little "cutie". Can you guess what this is?

If you're truly a baghag and paid attention to my header, you'll know what this is :)

Yes. It is definitely a Chanel 2.55, but not the bag people... it's actually a cupcake!!!


Yes, it's an edible Chanel bag by a cupcake shop named "The Sweet Life by Ange." "Chanel" is a Moist Chocolate Cupcake with Valrhona Buttercream. Yummy!

There's an on-going cake and pastry fair called the Baker's Fair at the basement level of the Powerplant all weekend of October and The Sweet Life is one of the participants. When I saw this cutie I could'nt help but buy it because it's a Chanel for crying out loud! And it's a chocolate cupcake so i really have to get one. Anyways, i'm not really sure if i'll be able to eat this cutie because it's a Chanel, lol. But I have to consume this within 3 days. I think i'll reserve this for a while. Love to look at it eh. It's as if I bought a real Chanel 2.55! Only it's edible :) Oh, I think there's a Vuitton cupcake too but they ran out of stock. If ever Vuitton is available, kumpleto sana :)

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  1. My World said...
    oh wow! what a unique treat! looks like it's yummy too.


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