Sunday, October 07, 2007

In my previous blog, I shared about my happiness in becoming a "ninang" once again to baby Nathan. During this occassion, I was also able to see and be with my old pals from my previous work. Y' See, I haven't seen them for months since I left the company. And boy!, how I missed the gang! We've been friends for so many years and even if some of us are no longer in the company (including me), we still managed to check on each other thru calls, texts and the internet. We're quite close and even spent many happy out of town trips and of course, our "friday night" gimmicks! We call our group the "friday group" coz we love to go out on friday nights (even if we still have work the next day!) and have a drink or two and eat out! I missed those times :( And also, we've been there for each other during hard times giving moral support to those in need. I wish this reunion of sort is the start again of more bonding moments with my friday group. Coz I really love to see them more often! :)


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