Saturday, December 01, 2007

my planner is here!!!

Finally, the long wait is over! After weeks of waiting including the delays, my belledejour power planner is now here! I got hold of it last wednesday after I picked it up from Coffee Bean in Robinson's Galleria. Wohoo!!

Wow! Would you believe I had to fall in line just to get it?! Here's a picture I took while I was in line. We were practically outside the coffee shop and were allowed to enter only two at a time!

Those two girls you see distributing the planners are Kat & Daryl, the owners/publishers. Notice the stack of planner at the bottom

When it was my turn, I gave my name and the pretty girl immediately searched for my name in her long list. Finally, I was confirmed and my reserved planner was given to me. And what's more, due to the delay (caused by errors in printing) I was given a discount of 10%! So instead of paying 548 pesos (the original price) I only paid 493 pesos! I love discounts! Also, as an added treat, a specially designed bookmark was also included in each planner. Isn't nice? :)

When I got home, I immediately browse the planner to check if it's complete. I'm so excited to see the many features of this wonderful planner and I want to show them to you guys:

the "charm" bookmark

the menstrual tracker (this is interesting)

Goal planner

vacation planner (love the monogram trunks)

And most especially, the reason why I wanted to have this planner so badly, the Discount coupons!!!! Yipee! There are 3 coupons per month or a total of 36 discounts from different establishments. I super love it!

Can't wait to use it na :)

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  1. Jen said...
    Love planners! I can't believe yours has a menstruation page hahahahah :)
    macy said...
    nice planner. when i saw this planner online i wanted to get one also but i have a moleskine planner for this year. so maybe next year.
    Kelly said...
    mine i got 2nd week of Dec. pa at rockwell. the planner is cool noh?
    Jody said...
    Hey Jesse! Can you share to me the site? interesting the planner...


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