Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas @ MOA

Last saturday, my family and I went to MOA to check out the christmas happenings there. It was also some sort of quality time with my dad who's here in Manila for a visit and for his regular check-up as well. We were there at around 3 in the afternoon and boy!, there were a lot of people already!! I couldn't figure out where to start coz every place in the mall was jampacked with early christmas shoppers. But you can already feel that christmas is really just around the corner. There was a giant Christmas Tree in the main mall, the christmas decors are beautiful and they're playing christmas carols all throughout the day. We decided to watch a movie as my dad loves doing it. Everytime he's here in manila, we always take him to the movies. Afterwhich, we watched the sun set and waited for the fireworks display at 7P.M. It was so great! We love fireworks! My brother had so much fun taking pictures of the beautiful sunset and the mall from the manila bay side and siyempre, of us! lol! I'm sorry i wasn't able to post some pictures yet as I have to get it from my brother pa. But will post them as soon as I got hold of my copies. We had dinner, did some shopping for my dad and capped the nightoff by having coffee at Seattle's Best. We left the mall around 10:30 na. It was past my dad's bed time (hehehe he sleeps at around 8:30 in the evening). It was a very tiring day for all of us but we sure had so much fun. I love Christmas!! :)

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