Saturday, December 29, 2007


When I started blogging, my only objective was to have an online journal wherein I can post my thoughts, feelings and going ons in my simple life. I started about a year ago and i've never been this enthusiastic about it as I am right now. One reason maybe is the fact that in September of this year, I got to know that I can actually get paid to blog. It's like doing the thing that you love most and be paid for it. I learned this through my online friends and i'm grateful to them for that. Blog advertising is now one of the best ways to advertise. This was attested by many companies that's why a lot of them are now getting services of bloggers like us to advertise their product. It's very effective and one site that effectively works well with blog advertising is Smorty, a site connecting advertisers with bloggers like me. I'm so glad that I was able to get blog approval from Smorty. It's one of the most trusted name in paid blogging. On this site, an advetiser can pay bloggers to write their opinion with linkbacks to the advertiser's site, of course in their blog entry. Once approved, the blogger will be paid for doing this post. It's that easy! Getting paid for something you love doing is like a bonus. And with Smorty around, paid blogging will surely be a breeze.

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