Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

How's everybody? Hope you guys had a wonderul time with your loved ones and friends last Christmas. We had a blast I must say. Hubby and I spent Christmas eve at my in-laws house (which is a few steps away from ours, lol). We went to hear mass at 8 p.m. at the village chapel. Afterwards, I went to our unit muna to finish wrapping presents I need to bring tomorrow in Laguna. Talk about cramming! Na-stress ako! I see this coming na because I started late na rin naman. So, I have no right to complain. Lucky for me, I was able to finish it all before we were called to proceed na to my in-laws house for the noche buena. When we got there, I was surprised to see lots of food in the table!! As in! My MIL never really fails to amaze us! She always have yummy foods for our yearly Noche Buena. This year, aside from the usual food she prepares, she added pizza, pasta and more food from Sbarro!!! Wohoo!! We love Sbarro and having them for Noche Buena is such a treat for us hungry wolves ha ha ha. Anyways, after eating which ended at around 1 AM na yata, we then started with the gift giving. Hubby's nieces and nephews all liked their gifts. I got mostly clothes if you will ask. It was a fun gift giving night and we finished at around 2:30 AM na rin. When we got home, it's our time naman to present each other's gift. I went first and immediately gave hubby my gift. It's a Wenger watch i've been eyeing since November pa. What's nice about it aside from the fact that it's a very durable watch, is that it comes with a free Transformers DVD and swiss knife! Wohoo! So, in effect, I have three gifts for the husband, lol. He liked the watch but I think he like the DVD more. Favorite nya ang Transformers eh! When it was hubby's turn na, he was playing deadma the whole time. He said I already got my gift na and I wore it na nga raw already. He was talking about my new pair of Crocs he got me a few days before christmas. So, deadma lang ako. I know he has something for me. I'm not sure which one of those I mentioned to him ang binili nya. I went to the bathroom first and when I got back in our room there it was lying in our bed :) a gift beautifully wrapped in gold paper and ribbons. Deadma pa si hubby and said he has nothing to do with it daw! ang arte talaga! So I opened it immediately (not without taking a photo of it nga pala) and was surprised to see what's inside! Dear hubby gave me a new IPOD Touch!! Wohoo! I've been wanting to have one since my old Ipod mini is now about to breakdown na (from too much use, lol) I originally asked for an Iphone but hubby is quite hesitant to get one since it's still not available here in Pinas and we might end up getting a fake one (as we heard over the news) we have relatives abroad who can purchase one for us but Hubby said no na lang muna. Baka I might have problems with the system naman daw and no one here is authorize to fix it, if ever. So the Ipod touch is the best alternative muna for the meantime, he he he. It has all the features of the Iphone the only difference is that it doesn't have a phone function. Anyways, i'm quite happy na with this. Can't wait to use it na nga eh.

Christmas morning, we went home to Sta. Cruz, Laguna to be with my family and friends. They're all there na kami na lang hinihintay to start with the gift giving. We all had our turns of being Santa as we distributed our gifts to one another. My mom's side of the family is quite big so just imagine the gifts under the tree! It was fun and merry but tiring rin sobra! But everybody was happy with their loots. I'm one of them ha ha ha! I got nice stuffs from my siblings, cousins and aunts/uncles. We stayed the night and went back home to Manila later in the afternoon of the 26th na. Supernakapag-recharge kami kasi the whole time it was raining there in Sta. Cruz and all we did was sleep, eat and watch tv. Good times!!

It was another memorable Christmas holiday for me. Sana Pasko lagi no?

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  1. theworkingmom said...
    Looks like you had a great Christmas Eve and Day experience this year! Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

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