Monday, December 10, 2007

My officemates and I scheduled a visit to Camp Suki in New Manila to check out if they have costumes there that we can rent for our company party on Dec. 19. Camp Suki is known for themed-parties costume rentals so we decided to check it out. We met in Starbucks Emerald and immediately proceeded to Galleria to fetch our GM and HR Manager who'll be joining us in this "search". We got there around 2 in the afternoon and boy! were we surprised to see plenty of people already browsing through the racks of Camp Suki! And dami pala may costume-themed parties ngayon. Well, it's not a surprise anymore since a lot of companies are having their Christmas Parties in the next two weeks. So we began our search immediately. Our boss got her costume in less than 15 minutes would you believed!?. That's because she came prepared and already knew what she's looking for. Unlike us, who are still undecided as to what are we going to be, lol. Anyways, i'll be playing the role of the Snowqueen from the movie Narnia so I started looking for a white gown. Unluckily for me, I haven't found any :( I tried some gowns but it won't fit me ha ha ha. Most of us left the place empty-handed. Hay! So hard to find a costume talaga. i hope you guys could help where to get one. You're inputs/ideas will be highly appreciated.

Anyways, after that, some of us went to Metrowalk to grab a snack since we're quite hungry na. There's going to be a party later on in Metrowalk so we decided to leave na rin after having coffee in Starbucks since te place would be crowded in a little while. My officemate dropped me off Shangri-la Mall since i'll be meeting my hubby there to buy some gifts for my friend Joy's baby boy who will be baptized this sunday. I also plan to buy a christmas gift na rin for Joy's eldest who happens to be my "inaanak". I went to Rustan's and as expected it's jampacked with shoppers na rin! I've always enjoyed shopping in Rustan's. I love their service and the free gift wrapping services they provide to their clients. The downside to this lang is the long line at every gift wrapping counter. As in you they are supperrr long!! if you want your gift to be gift wrapped by them, there's a chance that you'll get your wrapped gift the following day na! I swear! For the two items that I bought (one has very big box!), I ask the sales assitant to have it wrapped for me pa rin kasi they'll be open till midnight so I hoped that my items will still be accomodated even if I have to wait that long. Well, I was wrong! The SA came back with only one gift wrapped since it was only placed inside the paper bag (my gift for the baby) and unfortunately, for my inaanak's gift (which has the big bos), they said that i'll be able to get it by tomorrow na. Hello?! I need it na by that time. So I just asked for the wrappers, ribbons and tags and told them i'll wrapped it myself even if I don't have any idea how am I going to do it, tehee. We just had dinner afterwards and went home na rin as I have to figure out pa how am I going to wrapped this big box he he he..

Went I got home, I started immediately and it wasn't that bad pala after all. Actually, gift wrapping is something that I look forward to every christmas. I enjoyed doing it a lot that I remember one time, I planned on putting up a gift wrapping business. I might consider it din in the future. I just have to keep my fingers crossed he he he. Anyways, here is my finish product. What do you think? Can I pass na ba? :)

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  1. marie said...
    We had the same dilemna the other night waiting for an hour long at Rustan's for two gift boxes wrapped, nakaka imbierna!
    Pasado sakin yang wrapping mo. Know what? pareho tayo ng iniisip na business. Gustong gusto ko din mag wrap ng gifts, tara! sosyo tayo, hehehe:) pero that's kidding aside love ko din yan talaga.
    Jane said...
    hi jesse! haha super pareho outcome ng gifts natin. gnayan na ganyan din what i did eh :)

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