Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm a yellow crayon

I snagged this quiz from Peachy and thought it would be fun to do this. It turned out i'm a yellow crayon! I remember when I was still a kid, my mom would always pick the yellow dress or shoes for me. That's because my younger sister always has the pink one naman. Kaya I always have this affiliation with the color yellow. And now the result of this quiz more than justified it, lol.

You Are a Yellow Crayon

Your world is colored with happy, warm, fun colors.You have a thoughtful and wise way about you. Some people might even consider you a genius.Charming and eloquent, you are able to get people to do things your way.While you seem spontaneous and free wheeling, you are calculating to the extreme.
Your color wheel opposite is purple. You both are charismatic leaders, but purple people act like you have no depth.

What Color Crayon Are You?

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