Saturday, December 15, 2007

busy bee

i'm so tired... the whole day was spent practicing for our various presentation numbers for our xmas party. hay! ang hirap sumayaw! kantahan na lang! lol! Tomorrow, I plan to go to the mall early pa lang so that I wouldn't have a hard time buying gifts. Although, I know that no matter how early, I expect a lot of people to be in the mall already..we have the same thinking ha ha ha. Naguunahan na sa mall! I will try to look also for additional accent for my costume which I hope to find in any "tela" shops like carolina's. i plan to meet rin my siblings later in the afternoon as hubby will have to attend an all-boys christmas party (high school friends.. hmm I hope they won't do anything naughty..) in the evening. By sunday, it would be another "shopping for gifts" day for me this time together with hubby na. I hope to accomplish a lot this weekend. So, wish me luck guys! :)

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