Saturday, December 29, 2007

my ipod touch

My latest "baby" is now operational!! wohoo! Thanks to my friend, Dex, who patiently uploaded songs and taught me how to use it. And most importantly, the wifi connection is now working! Yey! Actually, more than the songs, i'm more excited about the wifi feature of this wonderful gadget. With this, I can always check on (as long as there's airborne access) my email and blog accounts and more paid opps wherever I may be. Aylabit!

Downside: there's something wrong with the earphones included in the package :( Basta basag ang sound niya when the volume is increase. Hay! Expect me to be in the apple store first thing tomorrow morning!! I can not allow this to happen, lol! Right now, i'm using the earphones of my old ipod mini. Buti na lang I have spare.

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