Friday, December 28, 2007

Let me share with you some pictures of our company party held last Dec. 19 at rooftop of Annapolis Wilshire in Greenhills. Boy, we had fun that night. Plus the good thing was I got an award.... i'm the Star of the Night!! Would you believe?! In my previous posts, I often mentioned about my problem in finding the right costume for the party. Last minute na lang nga, I still don't know what to wear pa. Buti na lang, I have this old silver gown that I usually wear in weddings and I added some fur thing material which I got from SM plus had my hair and makeup at David's before the party and voila! I'm the Snow Queen! (well at least in my own opinion, lol) I was so surprised when my name was called and didn't get up muna as I thought our Gen. Mgr., who announced the winners (there were 2 stars of the night, fyi), was just making fun of it. Pero totoo pala ha ha ha. I can't do anything about it. She chose me eh hehehe. Over-all the party was a success. We all had fun and the good part is we were able to bond like one big family and had a great time as well. Cheers One Asia!

before the party

with my co-managers

after our presentation

ang kukulit! :)

star of the night


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