Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm now with PPP!!!

Finally, after the long wait, i'm now with Payperpost!! I've been waiting for my blog's approval for days now and this morning I just got my wish. You see, I've been rejected the first time I applied for some technical reasons. I was so sad at that time but it did not discouraged me to try to apply once more. But first, I fixed my blog and make sure that i'll be approved this time. Lucky for me, I did it right! Whoa! I'm so happy!

I've wanted to be with PPP since the first day I learned about it from my blog buddies. At first, I wasn't sure how it works and why a lot of bloggers wished to be approved by PPP. After doing my own research about the site and with the help of my fellow bloggers, I got interested and got hooked. I've been hearing stories about how my blogging friends are doing with paid blogging and was impressed with what they are earning! Wow! I haven't thought about the idea of being paid for doing the things that you love like blogging. It's always nice to have some extras and PPP is one great way of having it. Get paid to blog and you'll definitely get hook. With my approval, i'm pretty sure that I'll be glued to my laptop and start waiting for every available oppurtunities for me. I'm so excited I can't wait to get started.

There are a lot of paid blogging site in the net but nothing really beats Payperpost. I hope that with PPP, i'll be able to save enough for that designer bag i've been eyeing for months now or take a short out of the country trip early next year. I'm so glad PPP is here to help me achieve these plans. Thanks PPP for always providing oppurtunities not just for bloggers but also for advertisers by providing online brand building and traffic generation.

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